"Braincolla" means

Brain + Collaboration

We are dreaming of A innovation of contents business model through the data distribution.

Technical Research Field

Contents Context Analysis Engine

Contents Context Analysis Engine

User Reading Insight Analysis Engine

User Reading Insight Analysis Engine

Contents Recommendation Engine

Contents Recommendation Algorithm

Bestseller & Target User Prediction Engine

Bestseller Prediction Algorithm

Our Team

L3O Kangsan Kim, CEO & Founder
L3O Kangsan Kim
CEO & Founder
Jihoon Park, Software Architect, Ph. D.
Jihoon Park
Enterprise Architect
Taije Seong, Chief Software Engineer
Taije Seong
Chief Software Engineer
Hyunsik Kim, Senior Software Engineer
Hyunsik Kim
Senior Software Engineer
May Pak, Software Engineer
May Pak
Software Engineer
Now Lee, Software Engineer
Now Lee
Software Engineer
Jieun Won, Software Engineer
Jieun Won
Software Engineer
Kwangmo Song, Front-End Developer
Kwangmo Song
Front-End Developer

Our Activity


  • 2019. 03

    Google Technology Partnership

  • 2018. 11

    Library Big Data Best Use Case Competition

    National Library of Korea Grand Prize

  • 2018. 05

    National research development and Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    Selected as the R&D

  • 2018. 02

    Certification of R&D service

  • 2018. 01

    Established R&D center

    No. 2018110216

  • 2017. 12

    Smart App Award 2017

    "iinnk" Grand Prize in Cultural Contents

  • 2017. 09

    Acquisition of contents quality certification

  • 2017. 07

    Creative Economy Town

    Outstanding selection of idea commercialization case

  • 2017. 05

    Attracted SI investment from Joara Corp.

  • 2017. 04

    Public Corporation of Medium and Small-sized Enterprises

    Youth Entrepreneurship School 7th

  • 2017. 03

    Venture Business Certification

  • 2016. 10

    4th Public Data Use Contest

    Award of Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs

  • 2016. 08

    Press Promotion Foundation

    News Big-data Startup selection

  • 2016. 07

    Korea Cultural Information Service

    Selection of support for commercialization of enterprise utilizing cultural data

  • 2016. 04

    Public Corporation of Medium and Small-sized Enterprises

    Youth Entrepreneurship School 6th

  • 2016. 03

    Seoul Creation Economic Innovation Center

    Graduate of 6 month Challenge Platform

  • 2015. 12


    App Store Best Startup App Top 20

  • 2015.11.11

    Braincolla Corporation


  • Google Cloud
  • Joara
  • Korea Press Foundation
  • National Library of Korea
  • Seoul Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
  • Seoul Techno Park
  • ideamaru
  • Data for Library
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